Preparing for your appointment

I only see Notary clients by prior appointment.  I am flexible as to appointment times and try to accommodate urgent requests when I can.

I realise that it can be difficult to arrange to get groups of people together to sign documents and that some people have difficulty getting to my office.  I will visit your office or home in Adelaide if this is required. I may charge an additional fee for this.

At the appointment everyone who is signing documents will need to have with them good evidence of identity – for example. a current and valid Passport or Driver’s Licence with photo that will confirm your current address.

If the documents are not in English, or the person signing does not speak English, then you need to discuss this with me when you make your appointment.

I will need to be satisfied that you understand the document you are signing.  If you do not understand the document and what might happen after you sign it, then you may need legal advice.  I can provide legal advice in English in the areas of law that I practice in.  Often though the documents are for use overseas and you will need advice from an Adelaide lawyer with experience in that country or you will need to contact an overseas lawyer.

If you received a letter or form with your documents, please be sure to bring this with you to your appointment.  In fact, bring everything that has been sent to you.  Otherwise I may not be able to sign the documents without checking what is required and a second appointment might be needed.

This is because the requirements of each country are different.  Often the requirements can vary even between States.

If I am certifying a copy of a document then I need to see the original document as well.  If you need multiple copies signed, then please bring good copies with you to the appointment.

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