Wills & Deceased Estates

One of the most common questions people ask lawyers in Adelaide is whether or not Will Kits are any good?

Every lawyer I know says that Will Kits are dangerous and should not be used.  We have all seen too many Will Kits where the “standard” text was totally unsuitable or where people have made mistakes.

If you make a mistake, nobody will know about it until you die. Then it is too late and you cannot come back and fix it. It is very difficult and expensive for a lawyer to try and fix it. Many times there is nothing that we can do.

A Will is a way of looking after your family when you die.  Nobody wants problems at that point.  You want to know that your wishes about who is to inherit are carried out.  You want to make everything as easy as possible for your executors. Making sure this happens and taking care of everything you own deserves the extra cost of a lawyer.  How much protection do you think you would get if you insured your car for $20?

Lawyers tailor Wills according to your personal situation; what you own, whether or not you have superannuation, life insurance or a family trust; and what you want to do.

I can discuss with you some options that you might not have considered when you are trying to balance what one beneficiary needs or deserves as against another beneficiary.

I also commonly deal with situations where an inheritance will need to be held in a trust fund for many years because a beneficiary is still young, has special needs or to protect the family from a first or second marriage.

I can advise and assist executors and families with deceased estates, whether it is Probate (for somebody who dies with a Will) or Letters of Administration (for somebody who dies without a Will). I will discuss with you how much of the work you want to do. Or you may wish to let me take care of everything.

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