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Looking for secure, hassle-free legal documents?
We deliver quick, high-quality documents at fixed prices.

Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers is a respected senior lawyer with over 30 years of experience in private practice. Andrew takes great care in meticulously preparing high-quality documents that have repeatedly
been shown to be effective.

Throughout his career, Andrew has also dedicated himself to automating legal practice. Today he
uses his own Legal Origami platform to deliver legal documents to his clients instantly. Legal Origami has been proven to be effective and dependable over many years.

Andrew is a member of The Law Society of South Australia and the Notaries Society of South Australia.


Professional Legal Documents

Enjoy the same excellent service with online legal document preparation as you would in-person. Our process accurately captures your information and generates logical and consistent documents from countless alternatives. You can rest easy knowing everything is prepared precisely as it should be.

Our professional legal documents are legally binding and enforceable and comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

Our professional legal documents are written with clarity and precision, using specific legal terminology to avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings.

Addressing potential issues and including protective clauses can significantly reduce the risk of disputes and litigation. Not using professional legal documents can cause disastrous consequences and big legal costs.

A well-prepared document also reflects professionalism and credibility on the user. It signals to others that you are serious and informed about the matter at hand. 

User Friendly Service

We’re here to help, with user-friendly suggestions and advice that are easy to understand and grasp. Once we clearly understand what you want, we will customize our documents to match your preferences.

We are available right now

Our online services are available around the clock. As soon as you provide your answers, we immediately process them and prepare the documents and send them to you via email. Every document has directions that explain how to sign them and any other steps you may need to take.

Fixed fees

Our fixed fees for online services give you peace of mind about what this is going to cost you. They strike a fair balance, reflecting the extensive experience, exceptional quality, and swift turnaround we provide. We aim to bridge the gap between the costs associated with traditional personal lawyer services and the dissatisfaction often experienced with inadequate online alternatives.

Classic legal services

Our firm offers a range of classic legal services, specialising in the preparation of tailored Leases and Wills exclusively for our current clients, their friends, and individuals recommended by them.

Available from Legal Origami

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A financial Power of Attorney to safeguard and support you and your family. It speaks for you when you can’t. A service of Legal Origami Pty Ltd but designed by Andrew Rogers.

A web-based platform for Land Agents, Legal Professionals, and Accountants. It produces instant Lease Packages with all the documents needed for a new lease. Now leases can be signed with no delay.
This is a service of Minotaur Law.

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